Important Details for All Students/Taiohi

Important Information for Year 11 Students/Taiohi

Year 11 students must choose SIX subjects/Learning Area that include a course in English, Mathematics and Science with the remaining three subjects/Learning Area made up of option courses.  These are completed in consultation with your Rōpū Kaitiaki/Teacher and Senior Leadership Team.


Information for Students/Taiohi Moving into Year 12 or 13

  • Year 11 students/taiohi move to Year 12 automatically.
  • Year 12 students/taiohi study SIX Learning Areas/Subjects.
  • Year 13 students/taiohi study FIVE Learning Areas/Subjects (6 subjects in consultation with the Year 13 DP).
  • Year 13 students /taiohi can select courses at either Level 1, 2 or 3, but they should check very carefully that they meet the requirements for the qualifications they want and the courses they may wish to take at Tertiary Level.
  • There may be an option for some students/taiohi at year 13 to be granted a study pass. This will be dependent on the course being studied, student/taiohi attendance rate and the ability of student/taiohi to independently manage their time and work commitments. A study pass must be approved by the Senior Leadership Team.

NOTE: Most Level 2 and Level 3 courses have a pre-requisite for entry. Students/taiohi who do not meet this pre-requisite can not expect to be accepted into the course.

Student/taiohi in Year 12 are able to study a combination of Level 1 and Level 2 courses (and Level 3 if they have met the prerequisites). Student/taiohi in Year 13 are able to study a combination of Level 1, 2 and 3 courses. 

Student/taiohi must complete the required literacy and numeracy credits at Level 1 to gain their NCEA certificates.


Important Information for International Students/Taiohi moving into Year 12 or 13

All International Students are required to undertake an ELA class. The level will be determined in consultation with the International Dean. 

Courses outlined in this document will only be available in 2022 if sufficient students/taiohi wish to take them AND appropriate staff are available to teach them.