How To Choose Your Courses

Choose your subjects/Learning Area carefully.

 Ask yourself these questions -

  • What pathway might I follow when I leave    school? i.e. Job opportunities
  • What am I good at?
  • What do I enjoy?
  • What choices have I got?
  • What’s important to me?
  • Who can help me?

Get advice. Talk to -

  • Your whānau/parents/caregiver
  • Your Kaiako/Teachers 
  • Your Whānau Kaitiaki/Teacher
  • The Career’s Advisor 


What do you enjoy?

Do you like the work or is it just that you like the teacher?
If you are interested in a subject/course, you are most likely to do well.

How good are you at a subject?

Look at your results.
Discuss your ability level with your teacher.

If you have some idea of your career options ask your Whānau Kaitiaki/Teacher or Career’s Advisor which subjects/courses you need.
If you are not clear about future careers keep your options open by not specialising too soon.
Investigate carefully all the subjects you are interested in.

Start thinking about your future pathway

  • Look up career ideas on
  • Check pathways on
  • Attend Open Days, Expos or Careers Evenings
  • Get a part time job to see what field you may (or may not) want to work in
  • Talk to friends and relations about what they do

A Reminder….

  • Your choices are your future.
  • Do NOT take a subject because your friends are taking it or because you like the teacher…..or just because your parents want you to.
  • And don’t avoid a subject because you think that you don’t like the teacher.