Financial Guidelines


(The following is an indication of costs for students/taiohi for 2021/2022)

Class Material Fees

This fee covers the cost of the ‘take home’ part of the subject/course. Extra material costs may occur if additional projects occur. These fees are set early in the year and you will be advised as soon as possible. Expected Costs for Year 9 are H.I.P(High Interest Project) and Kete courses

HIP and Kete

School Trips and Camps

Information relating to Camps will be outlined in the course information at the beginning of each year.   We would encourage families to set up an ‘Automatic Payment Option ‘early in the year, to ensure that the school trip or camp is paid for prior to the event.

Sports Fees

These fees are set by the Sports Club and may be included in automatic payment options; otherwise payment must be made in full within three weeks of receiving sports invoice. Please note that these fees are non-refundable.

If choosing the automatic payment option, please advise the Accounts Office.

Student ID. Cards

Student ID cards are available for purchase at a cost of $7 each. These can be used as a form of identification to obtain driver licenses and reduced prices at some retailers in Thames. The cards are ordered at the Accounts office in Term 1 and Term 2 if there is enough interest and are available once class photos have been taken.

Payment Options

Eftpos, and Credit Card via the Parent Portal, Automatic Payment. If you are paying by direct credit the school’s bank account is ASB 12-3476-0027464-00

Please put your child’s name in the ‘Particulars’ field and use the ‘Analysis Code’ field if you are paying for more than one child. If the payment is for a specific activity put this in the ‘Reference’ field.

You can use the Parent Portal on the school website to pay by Visa or MasterCard.

Automatic Payment Option: The school provides facility for parents/caregivers to ‘spread’ the payment of school fees and costs. We would encourage parents/caregivers to discuss this option with our Accounts team and to consider this if you have more than one child at school. This is recommended for camps, sports events and subjects with additional costs attached. The payments will be allocated by the Accounts office accordingly. Any credit balance can be repaid at your request.  If support is needed with fees, please talk to someone at the school, as we do have some assistance available.