Media Studies Level 3

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs D. Sawyer

Recommended Prior Learning

To have entry into Level 3 Media Studies students must achieve 12 credits in level 2 Media Studies or 12 Credits in Level 2 English, which includes two essays, preferably one internal and one external.

L3 Media Studies

The aim of Media Studies is to enable you:

To understand the impact of media agencies and products in our lives; to communicate clearly and to express ideas using different mediums; to develop skills in organisation and working to deadlines; to encourage working collaboratively with others; to increase personal confidence and skills in the practical handling of media technologies; to understand how people, issues and places are represented by the media to understand the production processes involved with media.

There are a number of different standards offered in Media Studies. Some of them are essay based and require a strong grasp of essay writing skills. Of the remaining standards,, one requires you to create a detailed plan of a media product. The other requires you to create a media product. The third requires you to write a script for your media product (usually a short film).

This class will be entered in one of the two internals. Which one will be decided upon after consultation with the class at the start of the year . One external explores the relationship between a genre and society and builds upon the genre external from level 2.  The other external explores a media industry and theoretically builds upon the media product external from level 2.  Note:  you do not need to have taken level 2 Media to be successful in this class

Topics covered include:

  1. Script writing

  2. Media interpretation and analysis.

  3. Media genre and society

  4. Media products (planning and creating)

Learning Areas:

Distance Education