Learning Through Movement Level 2

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms T. Slee

Recommended Prior Learning

PED101 and/or LTM101

Learning Through Movement Level 2

LTM2 is similar to PED2 as 3 out of 5 standards are the same in each course. However, LTM2 differs from PED2 by offering 5 practical standards, whereas PED1 has 3 practical standards and 1 largely theory-based standard. LTM2 is designed for students who enjoy the practical components of Physical Education as the course is predominantly practical-based, with only a small amount of theory work in each standard to supplement the physical components.

Please note that because 3 out of 5 standards in PED2 and LTM2 are the same, taiohi are not able to choose both PED2 and LTM2 together. They must choose one or the other.


AS91330 Perform a physical activity in an applied setting

AS91334 Consistently demonstrate social responsibility through applying a social responsibility model in physical activity

AS91336 Analyse group processes in physical activity

US467 Demonstrate personal and social development through participation in adventure based learning

US21794 Demonstrate, instruct, and monitor static stretching  

Learning Areas:

Physical Education


Fitness Level 3

Career Pathways

Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, Sports Coach/Official, Professional Sportsperson, Recreation Co-ordinator