Horticulture Level 2

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs M. Scoggins

Recommended Prior Learning

Level 1 Living Science is an advantage.

Recommendation of Level 1 Science teacher. 

Horticulture Level 2

In this course there is a strong practical component with the production and care of cuttings, the planting and maintenance of larger plants, the design, carrying out and reporting of a practical investigation and the detailed design of landscapes. 

Topics and Key Concepts


Key Concepts

  1. Practical investigation

  • good experimental design

  • accurate experimental work

  • appropriate reporting of experimental work

  1. Growing plants from cuttings

  2. caring for trees and shrubs

  • familiarity with equipment used in making cuttings

  • familiarity with materials used in making cuttings

  • appropriate cuttings techniques

  • care for young plants, trees, shrubs and maintenance of growing areas in the greenhouse

  • maintenance of logbooks to record work 

  1. Scientific naming of plants

  • recognising the rules used when naming plants

  • understanding why names may change

  • using keys to identify unknown plants

  • application of the rules used in naming plants

  1. Landscape design

  • Understanding of user requirements

  • use of appropriate symbols and plants/materials

  • appropriate design of a stated landscape plan

Course Overview

Term 1
Practice and completion of the practical investigation
Working on the plant nomenclature (naming) assessment
Setting up of cuttings assessment

Term 2
Maintenance of cuttings for assessment purposes
completion of plant nomenclature assessment

Term 3
care and maintenance of trees and shrubs
completion of cuttings assessment (if needed)
preparation and research for landscaping assessment

Term 4
Completion of landscaping assessment

Learning Areas:



Horticulture Level 3, Science Level 3