Economics Level 3

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs D. Sawyer

Recommended Prior Learning

Levels 1 and 2 Economics is desirable, but not essential provided the student does background reading and has reasonable mathematics and research skills.

L3 Economics

Economists are interested in the factors that influence the well-being of people and aim to find solutions that improves people’s standard of living. Economics explores issues such as: How efficient are free markets in solving economic problems? How should governments intervene when markets fail? What are the best combinations of economic  policies governments’ should use to enhance economic performance?

This Year 13 course has a Social Science inquiry approach and will enable you to investigate and question a range of micro and macro-economic issues currently facing New Zealand society in its mixed-market economy – including, with the aid of models, a study of micro- economic topics such as: How efficiency are free markets? How can marginal analysis help firms make better economic decisions? How can governments intervene when markets fail? Is there a trade-off between efficiency and equity in the economy? What policy-mixes can/should governments use to achieve their macro- economic goals?

Learning Areas:

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