Digital Technology Level 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs C. Green

Digital Technology Level 1

This course is based on Achievement Standards and can receive an NCEA Endorsement.

Digital Programming & Computer Science - Computer programming in Java language. Write a program, test and debug. 

Digital Media – Developing an understanding of digital imaging and web design. Create a website using HMTL/CSS. Images resampled to be fast loading and appropriate size using Photoshop/Canva. 

Digital Information – Understanding the basic concepts of word processing, spread sheets, databases, electronic presentations and the integration of applications. Ensuring the document is of a high standard including text formatting, page formatting, merge documents, accuracy, and consistency. 

Usability - What does a website or computer application do to make it easy for the user? Describing and explaining the Human Computer Usability characteristics to allow users to feel comfortable to use a program or application.

Learning Areas:



Digital Applications Level 2, Digital Technology Level 2