Business Studies Level 2

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs D. Sawyer

Recommended Prior Learning

A reasonable level of achievement in Level 1 NCEA is helpful.

L2 Business Studies

NCEA Level 2 Business Studies programme is taught in a thematic approach. This means that you will learn about aspects of Business Studies in a way that allows you to make connections between topics. It means that some content within one unit could then be assessed as part of an internal assessment but other aspects will be assessed later within an external examination paper. You will be given clear guidance about the content and requirements of all assessments but should ask your teacher if you require any further clarification.

This course provides students with a more detailed look at Business. Students will explore concepts relating to the internal operations of a large business, such as business management, human resources, business formation and functions of business. They will also investigate how businesses respond to external factors, such as political, social and legal influences

Learning Areas:

Distance Education