Te Ao Haka Level 2

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs R. McLean

Te Ao Haka Level 2

Te Ao Haka  explores the many cultural aspects of Kapahaka through performance, tikanga and Te Reo Māori. It encourages creativity through song writing, music, choreography and story telling. 

At this level, students are encouraged to delve deeper into the different genres of waiata and to begin to make sense of the world around them. This understanding will then lead to learning about composition of original waiata and performed in part by the student. Students will be encouraged to discuss and express their ideas and keep a diary of their thoughts to current events or issues affecting them and the world around them.

Te Ao Haka will offer "Te Ao Haka" Achievement Standards, or, Māori Performing Arts Unit Standards at this Level. 

Where students have completed Level 1 Te Reo Māori, they may choose to complete one or two standards at Te Reo Māori Level 2 during this course where applicable.

Recommended Prior Learning

Prior learning in Te Ao Haka would be preferred although not necessary.  While base foundation knowledge around Kapahaka is set in depth at Level 1, these skills and knowledge will be revisited in part. 

Assessment Information

Te Ao Haka Achievement Standards, Level 2:
AS: 91980 Explore element to create a section of a Te Ao Haka item. (6 credits) Internal.
AS: 91981 Perform a Te Ao Haka item to respond to a local kaupapa (6 )Internal.
AS: 91982 Compare a Te Ao Haka performance and one other performance. (4) External
AS: 91983 Respond to a Te Ao Haka performance. (4) External


Māori performing Arts Unit Standards, Level 2
US: 13359 Demonstrate knowledge & skills of Mōteatea (6) Internal.
US: 13363 Demonstrate knowledge & skills of Waiata-a-ringa. (6 ) Internal.
US: 13367 Demonstrate knowledge & skills of poi. (10) Internal.
US: 13371 Demonstrate knowledge & skills of Haka. (6) Internal.

Where applicable

Te Reo Māori Achievement Standards, Level 2:
AS: 91284 Whakarongo kia mohio ki te reo o te ao torotoro. (4) Internal.
AS: 91288 Waihanga tuhinga i te reo o te ao torotoro. (6) Internal.


Te Ao Haka at Level 2 can lead to Te Ao Haka at Level 3. Te Ao Haka can lead to many pathways beyond school to pursing a career in Tourism, Performing arts, Education, Music, Drama and many other areas.


Courses outlined will only be available if sufficient students wish to take them AND appropriate staff are available to teach them. Courses that do not run may be offered through distance learning and be supported by the Distance Learning Department.