Integrated Studies Level 1

Course Description

Integrated Studies Level 1 - A combination of Literacy and Numeracy

Students will follow a theme based course including : The World of Work, Meeting the Challenge and Forming Relationships The course would include 


  1. AS 90852 Connections Across Texts

  2. AS 90856 Close Viewing

  3. AS 90855 Static Image

  4. US 3483 Fill in Forms

  5. US 3490 Write a short report.


  1.  AS 91026 Number (4 credits)

  2. AS 91038 Simulation (3 credits)

  3. AS 91035 Multivariate (4 credits)

  4. AS 91036 Bivariate (3 credits)

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 10 English, Year 10 Mathematics

Assessment Information

This course will focus on supporting student achievement in the numeracy and literacy requirements for Level One.


This course aims to support students in literacy and numeracy at Level One. As the course offers a mixture of both Achievement and Unit standards students’ pathway to Level Two remains open should they wish to take these subjects at a higher level.


Courses outlined will only be available if sufficient students wish to take them AND appropriate staff are available to teach them. Courses that do not run may be offered through distance learning and be supported by the Distance Learning Department.