Chinese Level 3

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs D. Sawyer

L1 Japanese

Students will learn the required content for Level 1 Japanese through creating a promotional video for their school.

Topics include:

  1. Location and make-up of the school (buildings, garden,  description, student/teacher numbers, services offered, uniform) Where students live and how they get to school. 

  2. An event on the calendar e.g. Sports day - What events you entered, how it was, what you/others wore

  3. Subjects offered, teachers, what you learn, comparisons with Japan

  4. School day - timetable, sequencing 

  5. Lunchtime activities, food (school lunch vs bringing your own)

  6. What you’re allowed to and not allowed to do (cf with Japan)

Assessment Information

The course consists of two internal assessments and two external assessments. A total of 19 credits will be offered. For those students who are interested, Digital Technology achievement Standard 91880 may be offered.


Courses outlined will only be available if sufficient students wish to take them AND appropriate staff are available to teach them. Courses that do not run may be offered through distance learning and be supported by the Distance Learning Department.

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