Art History Level 2

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs D. Sawyer

L2 Art History

Students who study Art History not only learn to analyse and discuss art works but also develop critical thinking skills.

These skills help in understanding the contexts of artistic creation and how art works reflect the time and culture in which they were created. This can then be referenced for all imagery so prevalent in our modern world. It does not require practical art skills.

Predominantly looking at the time period Towards Modernism (c.1780–1900) in France we study visual language and its use during this time. Students are given time to follow a line of topic they are particularly interested in.

Recommended Prior Learning


It is important that students are self motivated and willing to use good research skills.

Assessment Information

Communicate a considered personal response to art works AS91185
Examine how media are used to create effects in art works AS91183


Courses outlined will only be available if sufficient students wish to take them AND appropriate staff are available to teach them. Courses that do not run may be offered through distance learning and be supported by the Distance Learning Department.

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